Cow Ghee:- Cow ghee is always made from the best milk of cows. According to Ayurveda, cow ghee is the purest of all fats available in the nature. It enhances the body fire and body tissues. The healing benefits of Cow ghee are so high that Ayurveda deems it to be a pre-eminent healing food that helps in overall health and wealth.


Cow GheeHealth Benefits of Cow’s Ghee

  • One Spoon of cow ghee keeps fit & strong
  • Cow ghee is improve digestion and increase body fire
  • Ghee is the best form of fat available in nature
  • Its enhance memory power and boost body energy
  • Cow’s ghee provide vitality to human body
  • It is an excellent lubricants for joints
  • Cow’s ghee is a rich source of Vitamin A,D,E & K

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Poly Jar: 
1 Liter & 500ml

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