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We are an ISO-22000:2005 accredited company and having realization and approval from Export Inspection Council of India, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Government of India for shipping our products under the brand name of “Dholpur Fresh” as an indigenous product. 

We at Bhole Baba Milk Foods Industries (Dholpur) PVT. LTD. are committed to attain, deliver and maintain the highest standard of food safety, hygiene and quality of products to achieve customer satisfaction regularly and on lasting based.

About Us


Bhole Baba Milk Food Group, was established in 1991 with small entity and over the years the Group has contributed significantly in achieving this height through a series of innovations. We are producing and marketing vide range of dairy products like ghee, skimmed milk powder, Milk mix (for tea coffee), whole milk powder, pasteurized butter under the brand name of “Dholpur Fresh”.

The Company over the years has created a brand image on Pan India basis, we have an over presence in nearly all the states and union territory of India. 

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Ghee – Ghee is a “Sanskrit” word and “Satvik” in Indian tradition.

Milk Mix

Milk Mix – Dholpur Fresh dairy creamer made from fresh pasteurized.

Cow Ghee

Cow ghee is always made from the best milk of cows.

Milk Powder

Dholpur Fresh spray dried skimmed milk powder or dried milk powder .



Halwa made from moong dal and flavored with cardamom and almonds. Its a perfect winter dessert.

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Our Products are currently available at select retailers in India
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